Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day 42

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 42

1. Bonus points
a. Latino Film Fest” March 3rd
b. Science Lecture (march 9th)
c. Play

2. More time for rough drafts.

a. 3 pages due by End of Period.
b. I’ll try to have these back to you by Monday, but it’s going to be a quick read.
c. Use the writing center, your family and friends as readers, too.
d. Final draft due a week from today.

i. Remember, according to CM and Friedman, much of the slowing of mobility is the result of globalization putting a premium on certain skills and knowledge. That’s the real big picture: those at the bottom of the economic ladder are competing against people making $2 a day who appear to work harder than they do in countries with lax standards and safeguards for people and the planet.

ii. Definitions from the books of the obstacles are highly encouraged.

iii. Examples of the problems from the books are highly encouraged.

iv. Examples/Definitions of the solutions from the book are highly encouraged.

1. These keep your paper narrow and specific and help you avoid the axe to grind, biased, unsubstantiated claims.

v. Examples of solutions from the Yakima Valley are GOOOOLDENNNNNNN.

3. Essays nearly graded. Bring your Business essay to class tomorrow (regular classroom).

4. We’ll talk about the other obstacles and solutions and the sad reality of the chance any of this comes to pass if it costs money to do.


Dave M. said...

I have a strong feeling that the essay I turn in next week is going to be quite a bit different than the three pages turned in today. I just did not have my head in the game enough to get things together well.

linzy said...

Typing the paper in class today showed me that my issue is not that I'm extremely slow at typing, my problem is that I am extremely slow at composing my thoughts.

Blckchickennigga said...

Well Linzy I'm the opposite I come up with my thoughts quickly i just type slowly. Maybe i should of took more typing classes in high school. Well to late for

Tabitha Rowe said...

the in class time for the essay was really good, it gave me the chance to just spit out all my thoughts on paper and gave me time to work that i wouldnt normally have at home