Friday, March 04, 2011

Faith based solutions

Here's some from the Christian tradition.

Here's what Bush was doing.

Here's what Obama is doing.


Rachel said...

I am really confused on what Obama is doing... I can't see how having so many religions is gonna help.. they can't all agree on things and being on a committee together would be confusing.25 different people

Cecily said...

Whether you are religious or not being selfless and serving others is proven to make you happier. It works for me:) I'm not quite sure if this relates to all the Bible verses that I just read but its what I was thinking.

Michael said...

Although I am a very religious person, I don't like the idea of having faith play a role in reshaping the social gap. I believe that religion and politics should not be mixed, and this plan by the President clearly does not abide by that.