Friday, March 04, 2011

The New Normal

Where to cut the budget, according to David Brooks:

A second austerity principle is this: Trim from the old to invest in the young.
We should adjust pension promises and reduce the amount of money spent on health
care during the last months of life so we can preserve programs for those who
are growing and learning the most.


Kristie said...

This article really upsets me. He wants to reduce the money spent on health care during the last months of life. Are you kidding me? How do you know when those last months are? I realize that our education system needs help but at what cost? I don't have the answers but I disagree with this idea.

Rachel said...

I disagree with the idea. Too many flaws with the idea.. I agree with kristie how do u know when the last months are?

Swayze said...

I had a hard time finishing this article. It was very aggravating thinking they want to reduce the health care benefits during your last months. I agree with do you know when your last months are? They need to look at this a little closer.

Blckchickennigga said...

I agree with Kristie this is a sad and selfish idea. It would work but there is no way this will ever happen unless our country goes to Communism or Nazism. I think we could think of better ways to make funding for education that this.