Friday, March 04, 2011

Some more links

If you think Drug and Alcohol education programs are a good solution to obstacles, things just got a bit harder.

If you are working on how to create a spark, here's an idea from Today's Paper: Young Achievers.

And if you are interested in education costs and visibility of the conditions of the working poor, YVCC and Berkeley have you covered.


Rachel said...

I didnt even know schools could have groups to help people cope with alcohol and drug abuse. My school would just suspend who would use drugs and not talk about it. But yet we have classes for teen moms and dad and a day care. That seems very wrong to me.

Michael said...

I don't understand how you can dislike the tuition rates at YVCC. They are ridiculously low compared to other institution in this state and elsewhere. I agree with what Buck had to say in the 10:30 class, that books need to be available at a more reasonable price. The bookstore at YVCC and others are part of an unfair racket of making new editions every year that change very little in the text, but force the students to buy newer, more expensive books.

Swayze said...

I agree with Michael...when comparing tuition rates YVCC is one of the lowest in this state especially when comparing to WSU and UW. Yes, the books are expensive but if you research online I have found mine for almost 1/2 of what the bookstore wants to charge.

Blckchickennigga said...

Ya schools have these groups but are they really effective. I think not, or at least not at my school. If a student was caught with drugs or had to take a U.A and fail they would enroll in these classes to avoid suspension. Once the class was done they were back to doing what they were doing before.