Friday, March 04, 2011

Links and more links

Immigrant Parents Learn Lessons on Raising Ninos--YHR

Prosser, the Catholic Church and Affordable Housing: NIMBY.

from previous essays:

The case for Vocational Education and Community Colleges.

Wine Tasting at Farmer's Markets considered in new bill.


Rachel said...

The difference between Mexican and American cultures are very different. It's good that there is classes to help family from Mexico to adapt and help there kids have the American culture.

Dave M. said...

I just read the article on community colleges and vocational training - what a rip off! I can't believe they even printed that, it's not an article, it's an introduction. You just get into what the guy is going to talk about and it stops. The only thing I got out of it was that he wanted to give President Obama a big "atta boy!" No substance and a waste of time - pissed me off!

Swayze said...

I read the vocational article and agree with Dave...where is the article? Yes, Obama is putting money into colleges, but if a student is not college material and will instead achieve at a higher level with vocational school...I feel that money needs to be distributed evenly between community colleges and vocational educational training.

Tanner said...

Ya Dave it was like watching the new harry potter movie where you only get half the story then you have to wait a year for the other half to come out lol. only in this case we don't even get half.