Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 45

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 45

1. Colbert.

2. Stewart.

3. Bonus points?
a. Science Lecture (march 9th)

4. Tourism from yesterday’s paper.

5. Final draft due Thursday.

a. NARROW= Supportable/researchable.
b. BROAD= Temptation, but this essay is about making hard choices.
c. Easy thesis: We can create more AW’s by doing A, B and C.
d. CA: practical? costs? other ideas are better? government intrusion?
i. Definitions from the books of the obstacles are highly encouraged.
ii. Examples of the problems from the books are highly encouraged.
iii. Examples/Definitions of the solutions from the book are highly encouraged.
1. These keep your paper narrow and specific and help you avoid the axe to grind, biased, unsubstantiated claims.
iv. Examples of solutions from the Yakima Valley are Golden.

6. Angela Whitiker’s Climb—slideshow.

7. Brooks’ Human Capital (CM Social Capital).

8. How do we increase our skills in these areas?

9. Some suggestions with discussion.

10. Juan Peralta slideshow and discussion.

11. Tomorrow, MLA information on N&D’d and CM.


renee said...

When I read the book "Class Matters" the article of Angela Whitiker, and her obstacles to get into the middle class. As I was getting into her article I felt as if my life was being published. Minus the five kids and the nursing degree. Every time I felt I was doing well something always interfered. Her car was the perfect example as to her in general. I was thinking twice at the end. WOW!!!

CRISTALM said...

Angela Whitiker was a living proof that it is possible for someone raised in all the wrong ways can make it out and obtain something beneficial. I also found myself relating to her story, but it is difficult in seeing how to duplicate what she did in others...

morgan said...

Despite all the obstacles that Angela Whitiker has faced she overcame them all. She is living proof that it is possible to get out of the lower class. Her story is very inspirational.

Blckchickennigga said...

Angela is a very inspirational woman, but she had the motivation to do it. Thats whats keeping many people in their current situation... No motivation. Angela also caught a break with Vincent If she never found him it would of almost been out of the question to do what she did.

taryn said...

Reading Angela Whitiker's story was very inspirational. I was very surpised to see that she made it from the very bottom to living comfortably. People who are living in poverty should read this story, I believe it would give them strength and courage to pull through.

Natali said...

I'm glad that Angela was able to make it to the middle class after having to overcome many obstacles.

Kristie said...

I wanted to comment on the Jon Stewart show episode with Diane Ravitch. The subjects that she talked about definitely fit in with our Angela Whitiker story about children in poverty, racial isolation and how important right brain thinking is. I was a little surprised to hear her say that she thought Gates was off base by trying to find bad teachers. I don't think he is trying to find bad teachers, I think that he wants to reward the good teachers because they increase student success.

Diana.Blizzard said...

It's amazing how she had so much motivation to climb her way out of poverty. I'm sure a lot of people would have given up, in fact, I think that's what most of them do. We watched a video in Sociology about a woman who has 2 kids and is living in poverty. She would walk 10 miles to her work at McDonald's because she couldn't get her car fixed. The house was a mess and the backyard was full of garbage. She knew what she wanted to change and how she wanted her life to be, but she wasn't doing anything to get things moving. That's why it's good to know that at least Angela stuck to her goal and achieved it without giving up.

Gaganjit Khinda said...

I really liked the story of Angela Whitiker. She really made her way out of poverty inspite of all the obstacles. I think we need more people like Angela Whitiker to succeed in flat world. Angela is a very inpirational women, who can inspire many people with her story. I think she should be proud of herself.

Dave M. said...

I enjoyed reading the article on Yakima’s tourism. It is nice to see business owners putting their own personal and local flair into the customer experience. I was at the library the other day and ran across a Yakima promotional visitor’s magazine. I had seen these before in different towns but did not know we had one. It is very nice and is produced by the Yakima Herald. I wish they would make a bigger deal about getting it distributed more.

Bushra Syed said...

When I first read Angela Whitaker's story I thought it was just that, a story. Ir's crazy how it can sound so fake to us but its true that she suffered so much and yet she's still working so hard to stay in the middle class. It shows that we need to start in the middle class to stay there because it's so hard to do it otherwise.

freakomania10 said...

Juan Peralta..hmm. I dont know what to think because I know that it must have been hard for him to juggle all of the things he was doing, but like Mr.Peters said, there are tons of people that are doing the same things and sometimes even more and they dont quit because it's "too hard". It just seems like if he would have stuck with the ESL classes, it would have paid off and ultimately made things SO much easier for him. boo.

Carmen E Johnson said...

The Colbert and Stewart videos are so on point. I often take the video posts from this class and put them on my facebook to see how everyone else feels about these topics. Since the videos have some humor in them and are not boring to watch they lead to some great exchanges of comments and views. I like them, and keep em coming.

Swayze said...

I enjoyed the story of Angela Whitiker because I felt this was very similar to what I am going through right now. I am an older student trying to gain a college education to better my family. I really enjoyed seeing she was successful which gave me the encouragement to continue with my studies.

D_ana said...

I think that Angela Whitiker's story was something that many people from the Yakima valley can relate to. The sad part is that unlike Angela, many people here aren't doing much to get out of the bottom. It's seems to me like they are getting too comfortable and waiting for a miracle to happen. But the chances of that happening are very slim, which is why people should look at Angela as a role model, if she could do it so can they!

Chandler said...

I loved his idea of taking the rich and having them make their own country just so they will hire poor Americans as cheap foriegn labour.