Monday, March 07, 2011

More research for AW and others

Family Structure (Nobody Gets Married Anymore, Mister)

UW has a program started by a former student of mine that fits in this conversation well. It's called the "Dream Project"--she started it as her senior project and it's now her doctoral work. It matches UW students as mentors to low income high school students. And it's really working.

Central raising tuition again. (This is a year old. The numbers for next year will be worse)
The president says those hurt the most are in the middle class.

Teach for America (maybe a way to find better teachers?)

Ultra fast, ultra cheap broadband (in Hong Kong)

STEM grants (science, technology, engineering and math), locally

Lawyers, outsourced to the future.

College the Easy Way (this is not good news)

To Get Into College, It Helps to be Rich


Cecily said...

I just read the whole article "nobody gets married, Mister" and wow.. how depressing. The saddest thing is that none of it was really unfamiliar. The only thing that really surprised me was the description of how much infrastructure his school had.

Michael said...

The Central president is absolutely correct in my opinion. Personally, I feel that the lower middle class is at a clear disadvantage when it comes to paying for college. They are not able to receive federal grants, and yet their families do not make enough income to pay for schooling without having to take out student loans. On top of this, the middle class, especially those that do not apply for underrepresented aid, often has a harder time competing for scholarships as they are competing in the biggest pool of applicants.

freakomania10 said...

My sister is involved in a program at Western that is a lot like the DREAM project, but instead of going into High schools she goes in to mentor 6th graders in the bad areas. I really think that programs like these are going to make a difference, and I wish they would have had something like it when we were in elementary school!

Tanner said...

Very true raising tuition is hurting the middle class most. My family is a middle class family but they can't support my college expenses, the house, and everything else. That's just to much. At the same time though they make to much for me to get financial aid of any sort so paying for college is a real burden.