Friday, March 04, 2011

Obama's Controversial School Speech

Work hard. Stay in school.


Cecily said...

You know I consider myself a pretty good student, both wanting and liking to learn, but some things remind me that I am still like most other kids. To clarify that statement this thought occurred to me when my first thought while watching Obama's speech was "I wonder how much class time they got to miss for this."

Michael said...

I still do not understand the criticism that was given to him not only after but before he even gave this speech. I find nothing wrong with what he said, and certainly nothing out of line. I also disagree that he was in any way trying to tell the American public what they should and can or cannot do.

Blckchickennigga said...

I agree with you Michael i feel there is nothing wrong with what he said. I feel it was a good message to tell the people. After we discussed this in class Mr. Peters told us that people actually kept there kids home from school after this speech. WOW is all i got to say lol