Friday, March 04, 2011

Parental Leave?

Family Values in Sweden.

is this a better way than Universal Preschool?
or fend for yourself?

Here's a handy table to compare.


Michael said...

I agree with Mr. Peters that if something like this were to be implemented in the United States we would see a huge increase in population. People would be having babies all the time to get a permanent leave from work. In any type of program, people will try and cheat the system, but with this I think those types of people would greatly increase.

Swayze said...

This is a very intersting article. I have just run across this situation where a father is taking "materinity leave" from his job for six weeks. I had not heard of this here in Yakima before. I feel if they have vacation or leave this should be justified, but I do not believe there should be any monetary exchange from the government as everyone would want to start having babies.

Blckchickennigga said...

This is good thing to help the growing number in human population in the united states but i also feel that this is unfair to our country. This also puts a burdin on parents when their children are born. They have a new kid to support but no money coming in while there at home caring for their new baby.

freakomania10 said...

"give women equal rights at work — and men equal rights at home."
I absolutely love this. In fact, this whole article was really interesting to me, but I'm not sure how I feel about it coming to the US just because I think people would take major advantage of it, just like many are taking advantage of our healthcare and welfare system.

renee said...

WOW this is very interesting it would be good to a certain extent that fathers would be able to bond with their kids. It gives the father the opportunity to step into mothers shoes and hear the kids crying, upset, moody, and ect... but yes many people would probably use that as a step to just have the paternity leave in doing so keep having children after children.