Monday, March 07, 2011

More ideas

Social Capital

1. Parenting
2. End "marriage penalty"
3. Promote marriages in PSA's etc (LDS does this and others)
4. Require classes for license
5. Allow gay marriage
6. Leadership/Bully Pulpit

Human Capital

1. Parenting
2. Word of the Month
3. Gear Up
4. Attendance rewards
5. Grade rewards
6. Big Brothers
7. Peer Mentors
9. Parenting classes
10. Tough love
11. "Stable, predictable environment, good behavior is rewarded +practice"
12. Universal Preschool
13. Personal finance classes
14. Public Speaking classes
15. Leadership/bully pulpit


1. Race
2. Increase minimum wage to living wage?
3. Wage Insurance?
4. Faith Based programs?
5. Volunteering
6. Reaching out/Mission work

7. Prohibitions?
a. Make divorce harder, for ex
b. Smoking/Drinking
Drug Test Welfare Rolls? (does that include farm subsidies? or bailed out bankers?)
c. Number of children
d. Censorship? tv/video games
e. What about drugs/alcohol?


Cecily said...

I feel betrayed! Not really, but a little disappointed. I saw that the words "marriage penalty" was a link and got excited thinking that there might be some awesome information for me to take from, but it turned out to just be the Wikipedia page which I have already looked at:/

Michael said...

The only thing that I can remember from DARE was that they handed out cool t-shirts and stickers at my elementary class. So what does that mean? Either I was a space case during elementary school, or they did not present the information at an appropriate time and/or they didn't do a good enough job for me to remember their message, outside from the fact that drugs are bad mmkay(in the voice of Mr. Mackey from South Park).

Kristie said...

I really like the word of the month. I think that it works better on younger children. Although I see myself reading the reader boards as I am driving and wondering "what's the word for this month." After all, you have to see something many times before it transfers over into your long-term memory. I say it is an expensive way to introduce character building traits to the young and the old.
The parenting classes I feel only help parents that are already involved with their children. They are always supportive of their children.

freakomania10 said...

I remember being younger and seeing one of the word of the month things was empathy. I had no idea what it meant so I asked my mom, and that word has stuck with me for all of these years and I try to apply it to my life. In this way I think that the word of the month works, but I agree with Kristie when she says that it works best for kids. For me now, however, they annoy me just a little. Tolerance, really? All that makes me think of is that the teachers need to be more tolerant of annoying students, and thats not a very positive thing in my mind!

Natali said...

omg. At the school's i went to, they never did DARE presentations. i always wanted to because as Michael said, they hand out cool t-shirts! I wanted one, but no, i didn't have these at the schools i attended. As for the Word of the Month, i don't even look at those things. I'll see them and not even think anything of them. I don't think many people really pay attention to them either. It doesn't have as big an impact as some people may want them to. :(

Diana.Blizzard said...

I think that this essay has been the hardest out of the three we did this quarter. Maybe its just me, but I had a rough time trying to think of obstacles, solutions, and evidence.

Gaganjit Khinda said...

Mr. Peter talked about the word of the month today. In my school, we still have the word of the month and i think it really helps some students in looking at their characters. I always get excited to find out what is the word for december because thats my birthday month.

lily said...

More ideas. Good grief, if only we could turn these ideas into realities. I'm afraid that as far as increasing mobility, the U.S. really is stuck. It's going to take change--and we think that sounds like a great idea until it finally starts happening us. NIMBY is such a spoiler.

Swayze said...

I am glad this list of obstacles and solutions was posted as this essay has been the hardest and I had trouble thinking of solutions. In regards to the word of the month, I think this is a great way to teach kids the meaning of certain words and ways to act especially if this is not instilled at home.

Chandler said...

I dont believe in this article at all. I dont think that marriage has to do with whether or not you move up in the work force. I believe it all depends on the person and their determination to better themselves. I feel that its a choice to not move up, not because your parents are married or not.

Tanner said...

I agree with Dianna this has been the hardest essay for me to and for the same reasons. I know we got a lot of help with articles and such in class but im just not very creative. I'm glad this essay is over and done with :) and i to believe DARE is a joke the t-shirts are kind of cool though.

D_ana said...

I remember having DARE also some abstinence class in 5th grade. I can tell that those programs did not work in my community. Every other girl in my class had a baby by the time we were seniors, and almost every single one of my peers had done some kind of drug or drank alcohol before our junior year. Tell us what we shouldn't do and we'll do the exact opposite. They might as well have told us to go have unprotected sex and party.

Bushra Syed said...

I really liked going over this, I had plenty of problems that I wrote about but I couldn't think of any solutions.
I think the biggest problem is our parenting... we can't just have people leaving their chlid in front of the tv screen anymore.
The living wage sounds good to me also, how cool would it be if are wages were based on what we had to live on? I bet our poverty rates would go way down.