Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Class Matters Writing Assignment


English 102 Class Matters Writing Assignment, due dates coming soon


Answer ONLY TWO questions.


Answer each question as completely as possible. Read the questions carefully. Whenever appropriate, use direct quotes from the books to support your points. Consider a quick outline before you start writing.


  1. According to CM:
  • on the surface, class is less of an issue,
  • while in reality the divisions between classes run deeper than ever.
  • And, this is unlikely to change.


In your own words, explain why there is a difference between our perception of class and the reality and explain why it is unlikely to change. Evidence from "Shadowy Lines" will help here. Finally, give examples from N&D and/or "15 Years on the Bottom Rung" that support your argument.


  • Pretend you're Thomas Friedman. Pretend either Andy Blevins or Jeff Martinelli are sitting across the table from you in a bar. What would you tell them to do? What evidence would you give them to convince them you are right? Evidence from "Untouchables" and the sections dealing with education will be helpful here.


Angela Whitiker crosses over from N&D to the knowledge work of the "Flat World." What friction must she overcome? What makes her a success? What lessons can we learn from her "climb"? What would it take to create more Angela Whitikers?


eesirock said...

I hope this essay is easier than the other two. It sounds a little better because we won't have to do so much research.

English 102 student said...

Did Mr. P. give us some type of assignment? I thought he said read some part of class matters. The story written by Timothy Egan. Did I miss something?

Beth said...

I think this essay sounds interesting as it isn't really an essay. I am still kind of puzzeled what we are doing though.

Sno_Angel said...

He gave us the assignment to read the chapter in "Class Matters" then choose "two questions". The due date is coming up later, so he hasn't given a due date. He is just giving us a heads up that they will be coming up due. :)

Sno_Angel said...

I have a Question; I can't decipher my notes... it says;

"5 points - 10 year plan."

Anyone know what I am talking about? this was from Friday's notes!