Friday, February 08, 2008

Handing Back Essays

What your score means

84 was average (79 w/o the BP)

I used the rubric. It's still early in the quarter.

College is hard. We're not going to catch up by going slower.

I have high expectations.


Come talk to me if you disagree/want help.

Be as specific as possible.

Two types of comments- as I read (local) and as I look over it again for score (global).

  1. As I read (Local comments)
    1. w/c
    2. v/t
    3. v/a
    4. sp
    5. B, b
    6. frag
    7. r/o
    8. redun
    9. ?
    10. awk
    11. nope
    12. eh
    13. hm
    14. ok
    15. yep
    16. yes
    17. good
    18. *, **, ***
    19. great
    20. wow
    21. !
    22. redun
    23. hook

    24. sig
    25. explain, use, analysis
    26. more, expand
    27. [ ]
    28. ex? Support, evid
    29. ha
    30. org
    31. Be specific
    32. See me
    33. format
    34. C-A
    35. trans
    36. T.S.

My impressions from a distance are: (global)

    1. Biggest issue:
      1. Support
        1. Academic evidence, by far the biggest issue.
        2. Here's a quick look at it from Colorado State.
        3. Hacker section C5-e
        4. Also, another one on evaluating evidence
    2. Second biggest issue
      1. C-A
        1. Look at the levels of scoring—very few scored in the "Proficient" range.
        1. Red Teams and the CIA
        2. Creates credibility and soundness of logic.
    3. Organization
      1. Hooks need work/ Conclusions, too
      2. Paragraphing/Road maps pretty good
    4. Grammar not much of an issue.
    5. MLA
      1. an issue but it shouldn't be.
      2. Paper format, MLA in text citations, Works Cited.

  1. The 24 hour rule
    2. You will have a chance at the end of the quarter to improve your score for one of your essays by revising based on my comments and based on what you've learned.

  1. Your options if you don't like your grade:
  • Work Harder.
  • Change your habits/attitudes.
  • Read/Review Hacker.
  • Read more closely.
  • A more detailed outline.
  • More drafts .
  • Writing Center.
  • See Me.


English 102 student said...

Not wanting to sound like an entire suck up but I'll give it a shot. I do believe Mr. P. has our best interest in mind. I know for me 101, and so far in 102 its giving me a bit more confidence in writting papers at the level were at, college. If the class goes like it did in 101 we will all show a drastic improvement.

eesirock said...

The scores on my essays in his English 101 class weren't as high as I wanted them to be. So I'm going to do my best to write better papers this quarter.

Savannah Wilkerson said...

I admit it. I didnt like this book.. I did ok on my paper, but since my heart wasnt in it, I could have done alot better. O well, I really like this next book so I am sure it will all improve for me.

Adam D said...

I actually liked Nickel and Dimed, but probably only because it was easy to get into. And compared to how I felt I performed on my essay, I got a pretty good score. What I'm worried about, though, is the next essay. TWIF is so hard for me to get into. But not because it's boring--it's actually kind of interesting. But because of the page-long sentences and his "simple" way of explaining things that are really just simple ways of confusing me.

Mushroompal88 said...

Lets just say I earned the grade I got on my essay. Even though I liked the topic I wasn't able to put my full attention on it. It was because of school and I didn't dive head first into the subject and I neglected it for too long.

Beth said...

I wasn't happy with the grade I got either. However, I am glad that he fully explained the whole paper and his notes to me. Hopefully I will be able to do better on this next paper.