Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day 21

Lesson Plan English 102 Day 21

  1. From YHR today: Council supports levy, Riverpointe Landing approved
  2. The Great Sorting Out
    1. Your notes
    2. My notes
  3. America and Free Trade notes
  4. A class poll
  5. Here are the NYTimes results
  6. Homework:
    1. Feb 7th: No Degree, No Way Back to the Middle from Class Matters
    2. Feb 8th: The Untouchables
    3. Feb 9th: The Right Stuff
    4. Feb 10th: The Quiet Crisis
    5. Feb 11th: This is Not a Test *Quiz
    6. Feb 12th: How Companies Cope
    7. Feb 13th: The Unflat World
    8. Feb 14th: 11/9 versus 9/11
    9. List of quotes related to your topic from Friedman –2.15
    10. Outline—2.19
    11. Rough Draft—2.20

Draft 2—2.26


karl.t.wright said...

Sorry everyone, had to share this. Since we're on the subject of jobs and stuff I thought maybe some of you would get a kick out of this digital painting. :D

Michael Dashow, "Wage Slave"

eesirock said...

I couldn't get to the page the painting is on.
Anyway, I thought I would tell you all that my co-workers at the gas station I work at saw me reading Nickel and Dimed. Then they all went to the library and read it! I thought it was kinda weird... lol

English 102 student said...

I really enjoy talking about the different topics in class. Getting the different points of view is a great conductor for thought. I was thinking today.... How would my point of view change if I was very rich, depended on cheap labor to maintain my lifestyle and jet yacht fueled. And my beach home in Madagascar.

yvccstudent said...

This whole idea of sorting out really confuses me, Im not really sure what Friedman is talking about half the time.