Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day 20

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 20


  1. Essay progress: I have 1 class + 2/3rd of second done.
  2. YHR today: Yakima School Levy
  3. Reading this book
  4. Review/Complete Ten Flatteners
  5. Triple Convergence notes
  6. The Great Sorting Out notes
  7. Homework:
    1. Feb 6th: America and Free Trade
    2. Feb 8th: The Untouchables
    3. Feb 9th: The Right Stuff
    4. Feb 10th: The Quiet Crisis
    5. Feb 11th: This is Not a Test *Quiz
    6. Feb 12th: How Companies Cope
    7. Feb 13th: The Unflat World
    8. Feb 14th: 11/9 versus 9/11
    9. List of quotes related to your topic from Friedman –2.15
    10. Outline—2.19
    11. Rough Draft—2.20
    12. Draft 2—2.26



eesirock said...

Wow, we have so much to read. Especially since we'll be done with this six hundred page book by next week. That just seems like a lot.

English 102 student said...

Does any one else feel as if we are becoming a number? In the scope of the world. With all the talk shared in class, it's as if the mighty U.S.A. has a urgent need to refocus on becoming a world leader. Big money, big money taking work to other countries for cheaper labor costs and far less environmential restrictions. Change is needed....yesterday.

herreraele said...

I have to say that this to much stuff toread, but te good thing about is that we discuss this in class.

yvccstudent said...

I know it is a horrible thing to say, but I have been against the school levy for the last five or so years, because It would take them at least a couple years. I also don't understand why the keep wanting the levy to pass for places like west valley when it is ovious that IKE and Davis need it way more.