Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 36

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 36

  1. Friedman's new book.
  2. Worksheet for Shadowy Lines
    1. Combine
    2. Review
    3. Hand in (10 points)
  3. Homework
    1. For 2/29: 214-233
    2. For 3/3: List of quotes—6 minimum—to be used during the assignment (books ok, too)
    3. 3/3: In-class writing assignment* (10 points)
    4. March 4: List of quotes for Angela Whitaker's Climb due—Take home question assigned.
    5. March 5th: Take home writing assignment due. (10 points)
    6. March 7th: Second draft of in-class writing assignment and take home due. (30 pts)
    7. March 17th: Revised Essays Due.


*In-class writing for Monday:

Answer each question as completely as possible. Read the questions carefully. Use direct quotes from the books to support your points. Consider a quick outline before you start writing.

Pick one of the following questions to write about

  1. According to CM:
  • on the surface, class is less of an issue,
  • while in reality the divisions between classes run deeper than ever.
  • And, this is unlikely to change.


In your own words, explain why there is a difference between our perception of class and the reality and explain why it is unlikely to change. Evidence from "Shadowy Lines" will help here. Finally, give examples from N&D and/or "15 Years on the Bottom Rung" that support your argument.

Pretend you're Thomas Friedman. Pretend Andy Blevins and Jeff Martinelli are sitting across the table from you in a bar. What would you tell them to do? What evidence would you give them to convince them you are right? Treat each as individuals with different issues. Evidence from "Untouchables" and the sections dealing with education will be helpful here.


Mushroompal88 said...

I am thinking I am going to choose the first option. It seems a lot easier for me to relate to that one and finish it on time. I don't know how I'll do on them, though because I am not good at writing in class essays.

rachel.c.riddle said...
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rachel.c.riddle said...

Yea, I’m not that good at writing in class either, but I think the second option sounds like more fun. I’ll have to make a really good outline. Calling it an exam makes it sound somewhat frightening.

Jose R. said...

Personally, (Peters i'm sorry and i dont mean to offend, but) I have always hated and i mean HATED english essays no matter what subjuct i had to write about or even if it was 1, 2, 3 pages or what ever length. i'v done other essays, 10 to 15 pages for history and other classes no problem but i guess since i'm going to be in class i have no excusses.

eesirock said...

I am definitely going to do the first option. Being able to do the outline ahead of time helps but it would be better if we could come to class with at least a rough draft.

English 102 student said...

I still havent decided which one I'll write about. Mr. "P" gave us time to find information needed to back up what we write about. Now...........what will I research.
one or or two...

putman said...

I'm thinking that no matter what number I pick and no matter how good of an outline I prepare, I am going to struggle with it. When writing our normal take home essays, it seems like I have to sit and stare at the blank mic. works screen for at least an hour before I can get rolling! I think writing in class essays for other classes are a little different-biology teachers are not english if your sentences aren't real sentences and your punctuation is a lost cause, they usually get your answer anyways!

herreraele said...

I think that i am going to the first one as well.i fell that i need to improve on my hand writing skills so iam also going to type it.

ahmad said...
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ahmad said...

i agree with putman, when writing any paper at home, it takes me several minutes or even hours before i can get a good idea started. I really have to think about everything i am going to write about before i put it on paper...but then i guess that's what an outline is for.

putman said...

ahmad-boy i wish i could follow my outline. I feel like my outlines are great, but I have so much problems sticking to them in 102. In 101 the writing was alittle more from the heart and simple, outlines were helpful. In 102 I really struggle to understand and explain, especially get the wording down for things like TWIF and CM. Its like I know what I want to say...but like reading outloud to the class I choke and stutter, get nervous and freeeze, not even knowing what is coming out of my mouth. The same with this in class under pressure. I guess Im just not a paper writing machine!

F.F.K.Larson said...

I feel the second topic has a far great variety of options avaliable to conquer this issue, and thus making it a far more enjoyable essay to write.

bluesccrchick said...

I ended up choosing the first option, but I think that the difficulty of both were about the same, I'm actually kind of confident about my final draft of that essay. I'm actually happy that this is the last english class I have to take :-)