Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 37

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 37

  1. The Border Fence in the news.
  2. Living the Dream questions.
  3. Bonus points from Blog site comments--due Monday (Happy Leap Day). Please clearly indicate the number of comments you have made.
  4. Shadowy Lines worksheet (I'll pick this up from you on Monday after the writing exam)
  5. Angela Whitiker's Climb

    1. Questions
  6. Writing an In-Class Essay Exam—Short link, longer link
  7. Monday: You can bring an outline, books and lists of quotes. It's worth 10 "big" points.


English 102 student said...

As of today I'm still undecided on which topic to tackle.
As far as the fence between Mexico and America? It dont supprise me that money was wasted on development of a surveillance system. Tring to save money and only wasting it. If the goverment would only do instead of finding the easier way.

putman said...

english 102 student, you're totally right. I was watching some of Hilary and Obama's speeches since they are on 24-7, and they sound so convincing that they are REALLY going to do something. Hilary was talking about gas prices, but do you really think that gas prices will go down more than a few cents if she's elected? I wish that one of the candidates would have their slogan be "I mean business" and sign their name in blood to everything they promise to do.

herreraele said...

i dont think that makeing a fence will keep people away. I have a cousin that went to mexico and is undocumented and he is allready here. I think that people are always going to find a way to get here and the goverment is just wasting thier money in something in the end will fail

rachel.c.riddle said...

Yea, Putman! I think that most of the time the candidates only say things that sound good because it makes them sound good! How often do they really follow through with all the things that they promise?

Mushroompal88 said...

I think its funny how much money was wasted for border patrol when money like that could have been used for something better like education.

bluesccrchick said...

I think it's kind of funny that all the things that we've been talking about have ended up on the front page of the Herald Republic. Strange.

wolfbabe4u777 said...
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~*~Andrea~*~ said...

I find it very interesting and have found it interesting that stuff we are learning about has been right in our own herald republic.
I agree with you guys, that it is sad that we wasted soooo much money on the border to Mexico. We were trying to save money and instead wasted it and that money could of been used in so many different areas where it wouldn't of been wasted. Such as we are reading Angela Whitiker's climb, we could be spending more money helping people with education, we definantly need to be doing that anyways to keep ourselves ahead in the flat world.