Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 28

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 28

  1. Red Wine and Chocolate (How Companies Cope) v. 50 jobs lost
  2. Let's outline Friedman:
    1. Untouchables (8 types)
    2. How Companies Cope (7 rules)
    3. The Right Stuff (5 skills)
    4. The Quiet Crisis (5 dirty little secrets)
  3. Let's try an outline for our papers, using Friedman
    1. From the POV of Yakima: Yes/No/Yes but/ No but
      1. Wal Mart
      2. DREAM act
      3. McCain/Kennedy
      4. H2A changes (include Zirkle/Global Horizons?)
    2. Working with Friedman for organization
      1. Right Stuff and Quiet Crisis
        1. Washington Learns
        2. EYELI
        3. YVTech
        4. School Levies
      2. Untouchables and How Companies Cope +?
        1. New Businesses (jails or wine, or something else…)
        2. Technology/Robots
    3. Others:
      1. What effect will the minute men/grassroots have on the YV in the new flat world?
      2. How will CAFTA affect Yakima in the new flat world?
  4. Share quotes
  5. Outlines—thesis and topic for each paragraph— due Tuesday
  6. Rough Drafts Due Wednesday

Read: The College Dropout Boom in Class Matters


Adam D said...

I don't even know what I'm going to write about yet! I've been sitting in the business group, but I'm having a hard time connecting the dots between TWIF and Yakima. I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend. I temporarily quit reading TWIF, but I finished Class Matters so...that's how things are going on the homefront.

eesirock said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have been sitting with the education group but I'm still not exactly sure what I want to write about. But, if you want an easier topic, you could try the DREAM act or East Yakima Early Learning. I think they would be a little easier because Mr. Peters said they would be more like compare and contrast essays between what Friedman says should happen and what these programs do.

Mushroompal88 said...

I want to write on Immigration and how Yakima will be affected if new laws help to prevent both illegal and legal migration. I think that one can't just think about closing up our borders as if the migrants were some sort of ravenous beasts trying to destroy america. The United States was established as a place for refuge for all kinds of people and cultures, not just for a specific few that think that only they "deserve" the American Dream.

melissa said...

I also want to write on the immigration bill and have no idea where to look information on this bill does anyone have good sources or information?

Jose R. said...

well said, Amnerica was funded as a place of refuge. A place were people from all over the world came in search of freedom and opportunity. so far it has been working pretty well and if you factor in the flattening world, shouldn't we be invinting more people to come and lead productive lives here?

Adam D said...
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Adam D said...

The problem is that the hicks that just need something to be angry at don't know how to read so they can't understand the concept of the flattening world. It's a harsh and unfair generalization, but I guess that these over-zealous, self-proclaimed border enforcers frustrate me.