Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 19

Lesson Plan Day 19 English 102

  1. I've got a class done on the essays
  2. Black Rock and Tourism
  3. Side Streets next
  4. YV Tech in the Sunday paper, two page spread
  5. Ten Flatteners, for Dummies
    1. In Groups
    2. Title, Quote/Example, Illustrated
  6. Homework:
    1. Feb 5th: Read the rest of The Great Sorting Out
    2. Feb 6th: America and Free Trade
    3. Feb 8th: The Untouchables
    4. Feb 9th: The Right Stuff
    5. Feb 10th: The Quiet Crisis
    6. Feb 11th: This is Not a Test *Quiz
    7. Feb 12th: How Companies Cope
    8. Feb 13th: The Unflat World
    9. Feb 14th: 11/9 versus 9/11
    10. List of quotes related to your topic from Friedman –2.15
    11. Outline—2.19
    12. Rough Draft—2.20

Draft 2—2.26


English 102 student said...

Those were some of the best pictures I have ever seen. I almost thought I was in a art class instead of English 102. We may be missing our calling.

eesirock said...

I'm glad we split up into groups to read each of these sections. It would have been a pain to read every single one when we could just explain each of their main points in a quote.

herreraele said...

Yes, it was fun doing the drawings for each of the flatteners. I only wanted to see all of them, but we did not have enough time

yvccstudent said...

I didn't like the splitting into groups idea because I got the longest one... "Uploading." I also am not liking the book so far because it just seems like all I'm reading is stats.