Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 27

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 27

Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines

  1. Hand back quizzes
    1. A note about the book and about your reading
  2. Continue in groups from yesterday to break down the quiet crisis
  3. This is not a test notes
  4. For Tomorrow, Read How Businesses Cope
  5. For tomorrow: Find quotes related to your topic—try to find at least five and write them down, with page numbers, as a list. You don't have to write the entire quote, just enough to remember what it says.
    1. One other way of doing this: Notecards.
  6. The easiest topics:
    1. Washington Learns
    2. Immigration Reform/H2A Visas
    3. School Levies
    4. DREAM Act
    5. East Yakima Early Learning
  7. List of quotes related to your topic from Friedman –2.15
  8. Outline—2.19
  9. Rough Draft—2.20

Draft 2—2.26


English 102 student said...

There has been a tremondous amount of information in the pages we have read so far. I understand we have to read, write, and recall at the college level. Although saying I understand and being able to remember are two different things. My friend tells me practice, practice, practice. What do you guys do?

mullinnex17 said...

Remembering is really hard for me and probably lots of other people too, but writing down what I want to remember always seems to help.

Adam D said...

I agree with English 102 student. There is a tremendous amount of information being thrown at us in this book. And I understand that we should be performing at the college level. But this book just confuses me more than anything. I'm constantly re-reading sentences because of his never ending sentences. Admittedly, I temporarily gave up and fell behind on my reading. But what I've found helps is reading the wiki summaries, via the link that Mr. Peters posted in an entry on February 5. I read them before each chapter and then when I'm finished, I reread the summary to make sure that I've interpreted everything right.

eesirock said...

I think one of the hardest parts of reading this book is the language. Most of the words he uses aren't used everyday or they may be words that you have never heard before. I also have to reread sentences over and over so I can figure out what he is actually saying!

Mushroompal88 said...

I agree that the reading sometimes is a little difficult to understand. I tend come early in the morning find a place to sit and read until class starts. That way the reading is fresh in my mind and can re-read anything I don't understand fully. Overall, I like this book and what I have learned in the process.

herreraele said...

Yes i think that this book is going to help us with our next essay, but the only thing that bothers me is that we don't get enough time to talk about each chapter.

Adam D said...

Since this book throws so much information at us at once, and since there are only 10 weeks in the quarter, we don't have time to discuss chapters as thoroughly as we did in Nickel and Dimed, which is frustrating. I guess it's good for us since it just means more independent work.