Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 32

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 32

  1. H/O H/I peer edit take home
  2. In same groups
    1. Complete Peer Editing with 3rd Reader
  3. Peer Review Review
  4. This is Not a Test Notes?
  5. Monday: I'm there to help, to coach.
    1. Bring digital version of your essay.

Bring specific questions about your essay so we can use our time well.


eesirock said...

i just wanted to say thanks to all my peer reviewers- i hope your comments helped me immprove my essay and I hope I will get a better grade than the one you gave me...

melissa said...

Thanxs to all the people that helped me too, Manuel, Sarah, Victoria and Andrea from the writing center if it wouldn't of been for you guys my paper would be like shit!!

Jose R. said...

peer reviews are for the most part very helpfull, they have helped me in the past and i think that even though some peer reviews are tough, they will at least give anyone a diffrent view on their work, which in turn, be it happy or be it not so happy it will have you look at your work again and that cant be negative.

English 102 student said...

I found this proccess to be very helpful. Thick skin is needed though. I dont think peers are there to attack, rather they help from a students point of view. And they may prepare you for Mr. "P's" grade.