Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 26

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 26

  1. Let's try something
    1. Education (The Right Stuff, The Quiet Crisis, This is Not a Test)
    2. Agriculture (america and free trade, untouchables and how companies cope)
    3. Walmart (ten flatteners, america and free trade, untouchables and how companies…)
    4. Business ideas(america and free trade, untouchables and how companies cope)

  2. The Right Stuff
    1. Learn how to learn
    2. Passion and curiosity
    3. You need to like people
    4. Nuture your right brain
  3. Test Tubes and Tubas first paragraph and GTech


    1. Some people say we should_________________________.
    2. (Other people say we should_________________________.)
    3. Friedman says we should_______________________________.
    4. It looks to me, here in the Yakima Valley, like we should_______________________________.

  5. The Right Country
    1. The Good News: Reasons we are in a good spot
      1. Flexible, deregulated, free-market, universities, and institutional strengths, consumers, political stability, open, legal system--TRUST
  6. The Quiet Crisis
    1. Dirty Little Secrets 1-6
    2. Bottom Line
  7. This is not a test

Reading homework: How Companies Cope by Friday

Quotes related to your topic by Friday.

We'll work with

  1. Feb 13th: How Companies Cope
  2. Feb 14th: The Unflat World
  3. Feb 15th: 11/9 versus 9/11
  1. List of quotes related to your topic from Friedman –2.15
  2. Outline—2.19
  3. Rough Draft—2.20

Draft 2—2.26


eesirock said...

This helps but I'm still confused on exactly what to write about. Do we just tell how it will affect Yakima and other places or do we give opinions on the subject?

herreraele said...

I also wanted to know how many pages this esay is going to be so i can do more research to try to get my point across.

mullinnex17 said...

Check in the syllubus or in the hand out about essay two. I think one or both of them say the specifics of the paper.

Mushroompal88 said...

I'm glad we have a lot more different subjects we can choose to write on. It gives everyone the choice to select the topic that they can feel more secure in. Once I saw that Immigration, I knew that was the one I was going to write on.