Friday, February 25, 2011

David Brooks Articles for Weekend

Here's Psst! Human Capital

Marshmellows and Public Policy

Of Love and Money

Investing in Human Futures

Human Capital Agenda

A Critique of Pure Reason (deals with Education reform)

America's Admissions System (deals with immigration)

And another on Education Reform


Dave M. said...

I read David Brooks’ article on immigration and I agree with him that the new bill addresses those who are here illegally in a fair and good manner. I think it is very smart to remove the stigma of being here as an illegal, and allow these good people to earn their citizenship by behaving and contributing. I have worked with many really good people who have kept connections and often residences back in Mexico in case they were sent away – this would enable them to feel like they belong here and would make it easier for them to invest themselves and their families more into our communities.

Anonymous said...

good articles. i can totally see how they pertain to our final essay. many of them talk about the same ideas and a are a little redundant though.

D_ana said...

It's amazing how studies have shown that people with self-control skills make better decisions in life than those who don't obtain that skill.

CRISTALM said...

i read the article analyzing the marsh mellow study. regards to what causes the effect of poor choices, With the poorer kids they are rarely see these long-term goals played-out do to, low income, poor parenting choices, separation in the marriage. The poorer kids are less likely to see things with long term results, and so quick decisions are more likely to become natural to them. Brooks also states that this disabling process in the brain that can make anyone incapable of resisting against a poor choice, is not permanent. By practicing self control and delaying gratification we may enable our mind in becoming a more diligent person with wiser decisions.

Michael said...

I see a lot of good quotes in these articles that I plan on using for my paper. The article titled, "Psst! Human Capital" is the one I'll be printing off and bringing into class tomorrow. It has lots of good definitions for the different types of human capital and how they are applied.

alejandra.orozco15 said...

All of these articles are very helpful and pertain to the essay we will be writing about. The article that I will be analyzing and annotating is Of love and Money. There are a lot of good quotes that can be used as well as Investing in Human Futures. Both of these articles can be related.

Tim Pettingill said...

Useful articles, i think i have a better grasp on how i want to approach the last paper now. Thanks.