Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 30

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 30

1. Bonus points?

2. Peer Editing Proces
a. Students learn from each other.
b. Students learn by teaching.
c. Kind honesty. (You have my permission to tear my paper to shreds)
d. Thick skin.

3. Number the paragraphs on your essays.

4. Write two questions you’d like answered by your peers.

i. Exchange essays with a person in your group.
ii. Apologize as needed

v. Make marks as you go.

vi. Complete peer editing forms, including the outline.

vii. Have a CONVERSATION (that’s why there’s four of you)

viii. Finally, writer asks questions not answered.

ix. Repeat

x. Suggested: make changes to your essay for tomorrow's reader(s) based on what today's reader says.

5. Homework—complete peer editing worksheet for essay from another class. Must be returned tomorrow, including outline. (10 pts) As with Face to Face peer editing: do a good job on this, but don’t be a tyrant.

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alejandra.orozco15 said...

I love peer editing its really helpful. It helps you see if your going to right direction with your paper. Its helpful to go the writing center as well!..