Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 33

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 33

1. Bonus points?

2. Hand in Peer Review Review.

3. The Counter Argument

4. Too Sick
a. HIV-AIDS, malaria, TB, polio (and Gates)
b. Pandemic (have you seen 28 days later? You get the picture)

5. Too Disempowered

a. Half-flat world—in India high tech is .2 percent of employment.
b. Rural voters

6. Too Frustrated

a. Cultures feel threatened, frustrated, humiliated
b. Differences coming into contact, including online.
c. Threat of openness
d. Abandon religion to join advances or retreat to fundamentalism

7. Too Many Toyotas

a. natural resources, oil, timber, etc
b. environmental destruction

8. Friday: Sample essay/grading for essay 2
9. Tuesday: Essay 2 due. Bring final draft and intro/conclusion to read.
10. Wednesday: Shadowy Lines + Worksheet
11. 15 years on the bottom rung + Worksheet
12. Thursday: Angela Whitiker’s Climb. + Worksheet
13. Friday: AW’s Climb, part two
14. Weekend: Nickel and Dimed/David Brooks articles.

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