Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 28

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 28

1. Bonus Points—V Week, others.

2. Intros and Conclusions powerpoint.

1. Now, Your turn. (Never before attempted!)

• Statistic
• vivid example
• a question
• an anecdote
• an unusual fact
• an analogy or metaphor

3. Thesis statement for essay two on the board with clickers.


naim said...

I think that the new exercise helped give us a starting point on our introductions to see how we could do. Also the thesis gradings that we do in class are very helpful to see what level we're at as compared to the level we need to be at.

Anonymous said...

yea, it was sort of hard to "just start" writing my intro in class. but once i did start it wasn't so bad and it definitely gave me an idea of the direction i show take in my essay.

tpete said...

I love that we look at the theses in class. Sometimes I am able to get good ideas from other theses on the same topic, which is really nice and I get feedback on what I already have. If its good- it gives me a little bit of a confidence boost, and if not then at least I know the areas that I can improve in! Its great!