Friday, February 18, 2011

The Story of Stuff

Here's the video.


Kristie said...

Nobody has commented on this yet so I thought I would. I watched this video last weekend and loved it! I guess what I loved about it most is that it gave me the big picture in layman's terms. Probably the biggest point for me that really made me upset was the fact that they make things to eventually break. They actually have someone employed who determines when something should break or quit functioning and still have the consumer's approval of the product. This absolutely amazes me!!!!!

Michael said...

I thought this video was interesting in that it gave the viewer a sort of behind the scenes look at what goes on with the consumer market. I do however think that this video had a clear bias to it which put me off a little on the message it was trying to send.

Wade Brummett said...

This video was done in a very viewer friendly way. Sort of reminded me of the older UPS commercials with the artist on the whiteboard.