Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eval Chapter Questions


a. How did she do as a worker?

b. How did she do at “life in general”?

c. Why are the official poverty rates misleading?

d. If productivity is increasing, why aren’t wages?

e. What keeps the workers from finding better jobs? Where is the friction?

f. Explain the “vicious cycle” of labor costs described by the book.

g. What makes the working poor invisible?

h. List some of the complaints the middle and upper class have about the
working poor.

i. Summarize the problems facing the working poor.

j. What are the solutions to these problems?

k. What are the objections to these solutions?

l. Why does Ehrenreich call the working poor the most philanthropic of all
social classes?


alejandra.orozco15 said...

This was an interesting reading and relates to our essay we will be writing about. Its terrible what jobs do to try to sneak their way out of pay raises by giving discounts.

Tim Pettingill said...

Talk about commitment. It amazes me that she truly tried to live for as long as she could in each setting. There are definitely several lessons that can be taken away from her experience.