Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Day 21

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 21

1. Bonus Points?

2. Topics for essay two: Finish showing links

3. Essays done for 1130.

4. The Untouchables

1. Read 278-280
2. Bottom of 282-283.
3. 284: Bell curve

4. In groups on Giant Stickies--themselves products of right brain synthesis!

1. Label and Define the term by quoting Friedman.

2. Draw a three panel storyboard of either the example from TWIF, OR one from your career choice, OR from the topics for the second essay showing how people can be part of the new middle.

• Collaborators and orchestrators
• Synthesizers
• Explainers
• Adapters/Versatalists
• Green People
• Passionate Personalizers
• Math Lovers
• Localizers

Homework: Read the rest of "This is Not a Test" (374-394).

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alejandra.orozco15 said...

This assignement was interesting. It will help me further understand all the terms that will help me with my essay!