Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 29

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 29

Rough Drafts (4 pages=20pts) due Monday. Bring four copies (I'll take points off this time if you don't have four copies).

1. Math Scores and Community College Students

2. Your Brain Lies to You.

3. The Big Dilly-Dally

4. Bonus Points—V Week, others.

5. Conclusions powerpoint/Amazon search inside

6. Thesis statement for essay two with clickers.

7. Counter-Arguments for the topics?

1. Take your thesis and try to write it as an opposite statement.
2. Take your thesis and see if you can figure out what the other side might say.
3. Take your thesis and find the weakness of it according to TWIF.
4. Are there more than two sides? (This would make your English teacher feel very good about you).

8. A note about how to fit in TWIF

Best if you can set it up as each paragraph addressing an issue raised by TWIF (Collaborators, synthesizers, explainers, etc).

It can also work if you are using TWIF as a set up or in conclusion to the research. This means you might use TWIF in a paragraph at the beginning of the essay to set up the concepts inherent in a globalized economy, or to define terms you will want to use later. (If there’s time I’ll show a sample of this).

A very broad outline of this would be:

1. Intro and How would this impact the Yakima Valley? Thesis
2. Friedman says
3. Others say
4. I say
5. Conclusion

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alejandra.orozco15 said...

FYI Have four complete pages..Not 3 1/2 !! Youll get points docked off.. The clicker thing for our thesis really helps us make improvements!