Friday, February 04, 2011

Day 24

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 24

1. Bonus Points?

2. Notes on your essays. Part of a sample essay that will make it all better.

3. Homework: Read “No Degree, No Way Back to the Middle Class” in Class Matters.

4. Bring 5 articles related to your topic from web/print sources.

5. Email the links to five articles to (five points)

6. Make 10 notecards (3x5 work best) with quotes from Friedman (America and Free Trade, The Untouchables, How Companies Cope, This is Not a Test will be your best bets) that relate to your topic and 10 notecards with quotes from your articles that relate to the ideas in TWIF. (20 points)—each five additional notecards are worth one bonus point.

7. In topic groups on Giant stickies:

Put the topic you are interested in at the top.
List the categories of “Untouchable” jobs that will be created/needed in the valley by this flat world change.
List the rules of “How Companies Cope” that your choice of topic should be following in order to compete in the new flat world.


tpete said...

Okay, so today in class when Mr. Peters was talking about researching online, he mentioned how typically students just go to the first and second link that google spits out for them. And thats when it hit me. Holy turkey, I do that. And why? Because all my life I have thought that google automatically gave me the best ones first. Never, ever had I thought to look past the first page. So I tried it, and guess what?! Page #10 of my search gave me the best site I could find! I have to admit though, I'm slightly disappointed because I revere google so darn much, that to know that they aren't as superhuman as I thought they were only kinda makes my heart hurt. Anywho, today completely opened my eyes to how to research. Finally.

Anonymous said...

while doing my notecards for my second essay topic which is "downtown tourism in yakima", i was having some trouble finding friedman quotes about tourism. he briefly touches on it in personal localizers but their is definitely not 10+ notecards worth of information. hopefully we'll go over this in class or i'll unfortunately have to change the topic of my essay.

alejandra.orozco15 said...

Wow interesting reading ur clogs...Ohh my!! I hope i dont have to change my topic!! And ya i totally understand about searching in google...its a useful tool but has to be researched carefully.