Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 40

Lesson Plan Day 4

  1. 15 Years Slide Show
  2. Homework: Prepare for In Class Essay, Day 1
  3. In Class Essay Question

    1. How to prepare for and take an in class essay: Short Link, Longer Link
    2. How to prepare for THIS in class essay
      1. Notes
      2. List of quotations/page numbers
      3. Outline
      4. Open book
      5. Typed or not, double spaced
      6. Not written before class.

C206, 50 minutes

Bonus points-Blog comments due tomorrow.
a. Latino Film Fest” March 3rd
b. Science Lecture
c. Play

3. Done with 1030 class, starting on 1130. Save everything.
4. Angela Whitiker’s Climb slideshow part two
5. Nickel and Dimed Evaluation chapter, continued
6. Obstacles or “Friction” in class mobility—on the board?
7. Solutions?
9. David Brooks articles.
a. For Brooks—your favorite and “annotate it”


Tabitha Rowe said...

Having all the prep work assigned the night before the essay was good....because honestly i probably wouldn't have done it if it wasn't....

Michael said...

This lecture helped me tremendously. To be honest, I was pretty lost about what I was going to focus on, but reviewing all of the ideas that we have covered helped me focus on what I want my main points to be.

Anonymous said...

oops. i printed and annotated ALL the articles. oh well, i'm sure it will help when writing the essay.

Tim Pettingill said...

thanks for the notes Mr. Peters, you just made preparing for this essay much much easier.