Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 27

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 27

1. Bonus Points—V Week, others.

Hand in web evaluations.

2. No Degree/College Dropout Boom

3. Web Evaluation as a class.

4. Intros and Conclusions powerpoint.

Now, Your turn. (Never before attempted!)

5. Homework: Thesis statement for essay two.

• Use the “roadmap” style from the first essay—Yakima would be smart to focus on (pick a topic) because it will help attract “untouchable” jobs, such as ______________________, _________________________ and _______________________.

• Try this: What effect will (pick a topic) have on the Yakima Valley in the new flat world? Well, some say___________, others say__________________, but I say___________________.

• Or think about how you might advise a Yakima businessperson with the rules for “How Companies Cope”—something like: If Yakima wants to compete in the new flat world they should embrace (pick a topic) and remember to ____________, ______________ and ________________.

• Or make it a warning. Because of (pick a topic) if we fail to follow the rules _____________, _______________ and _____________________the flat earth will flatten us.


naim said...

I think that the first ("roadmap") thesis example fits the best because it is more in relation to the first essay that we did, and (in my opinion) writing about the "untouchables" is more useful to us (as a community) in the flat world.

alejandra.orozco15 said...

I agree.. It goes well with my topic as well. The first road map helped will help me focus on my three main arguments. Hopefully we get to use the clickers to see how much work we need to make them better.. :}

Tim Pettingill said...

Thanks for the cheat sheets Mr. Peters, they came in handy.