Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 37

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 37

1. Bonus points

2. 10 so far. Save everything.

3. A note on late essays.

4. Schedule for rest of quarter.

5. Assignment for third essay.

6. Shadowy Lines as a class.

a. On the surface
b. In reality

c. Likely to continue/change?
d. What has changed, would you guess, since this poll?
7. Thursday: Angela Whitiker’s Climb. + Worksheet
a. Read 15 Years
8. Friday: AW’s Climb, part two + 15 Years on Bottom Rung
9. Weekend: Nickel and Dimed/David Brooks articles.


BIANCA said...

whoa, crazy graphs. i am a first generation college student as well as all my sisters, we have realized that without a degree, many people are losing their jobs.

Michael said...

The story of Angela Whitaker was a really inspiring story. It makes me realize how fortunate I am, while inspiring me to do reach my potential.

jcdshreves said...

To Peters: Your comment today about waiting to have kids... You said you're 42 and wished you were 32 because you're exhausted... Well, I'm 28 and I am freaking EXHAUSTED EVERYDAY!!!! I don't think it makes much of a difference! My daughter is 2. She is rambunctious, and wears me out all the time!