Thursday, January 28, 2010

Budget Cuts +UW Bio

=700 Students in a class.


nikki said...

I was completely shocked by the number of students in this class room... I can't see how this could possibly be at all beneficial to the students!! How do the clickers work... I mean are they assigned to each individual so that everyone is accounted for...what if the clicker glitches???what if it isn't caught right away by faculty?? I would imagine that they haven't reported their class size bacause it would likely be a deterrent for potential students! One of the students said that she likes large classes because she doesn't have to is that a good thing?? I may not always like to participate but if you are taking a course that will further you in your education and career shouldn't you want/need to participate??!!! Bradshaw says that there is are benefits to big classes stating, "You are taught by people who are at the cutting edge of research in their field"... I don't think I understand what he means? How is it that he thinks that because it is a large class that the teachers are more up-to-date as opposed to teachers that have smaller classes??? Is it just me or does that not make sense? I would imagine that a class that large would be a very uncomfortable setting to shout out a wrong answer!

Alicia Godinez said...

I cannot believe that classes are even able to get that large! I know i would feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable if i had to participate in a classroom of 700. Thats what i really like about YVCC is that the classes are small and i know i can ask my professors for help if needed. In a class of 700 I dont know how one would go about finding a professor with the time to help an individual student.