Friday, January 15, 2010

How to Read in College

Here's a great site from Penn State.

Sometimes it's called "annotating"

Here's my short take on it:

Why do it?
Save time.
Better evidence.
Better comprehension.
More interesting.

1. Don't read in bed.
and don't read with TV/Music
2. Don't use a highlighter in the book.
3. Look for things going in.
4. Make assumptions.
5. Ask questions.

Here's what my book looks like.

6. At outline stage, go back through and make a list of pages and quotes.


JaNet G. said...

When i was at Central Washington University in 2007-2008. We did a presentation in my University 101 class on things not to have around your study area and its really true when they say dont be in a comfortable position because you will end up falling asleep or putting your homework away.
I agree, its better to to study in a rusty chair or hard wood floor. You focus more on getting your studying done sooner because its so uncomfortable.

LoReNa said...

I was in Janet's group at CWU when we had this presentation... I actually use to read while in my bed, and usually didn't remember anything the following morning, or ended up falling asleep. After having looked into "better studying habits", not only did I not fall asleep while reading, I actually remembered what I had read.

LoReNa said...
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Consuelo Hinojosa said...

I alway read in bed because I always read before going to bed and I can't read anywhere else, because everything is so uncomforable. I find highlighting very helpfull though.