Thursday, January 21, 2010

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NYTimes editorial on the DREAM Act losing steam
based on this article about an undocumented student at Princeton
1) 1) video from PBS
2) NYTimes


Bill: financial aid to illegal immigrant students
The Associated Press

OLYMPIA, Wash. Illegal immigrant students could get state financial aid for college under a bill being considered by Washington state lawmakers.

State Rep. Dave Quall, a Democrat from Mount Vernon who sponsored the bill, says many of these students are moved to the United States by their parents at an early age, are groomed in the American education system, and it wouldn't be right to deny aid to qualified illegal immigrant students.

The measure would expand current law to allow illegal immigrant students to be eligible for a state need grant program, which provided around $182 million in financial aid for 72,000 students in 2008.

The House Higher Education Committee has scheduled a Wednesday afternoon hearing on the bill.

The illegal immigrant financial aid bill is House Bill 1706.

YHRepublic Editorial on Financial Aid to Illegal Immigrants

More on Student Aid Bill

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Vocational Education. Try here and here: Harder to Find right away, but here's a start. And here, too.

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More on DREAM Act and Community Colleges
Higher education and community colleges:
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State trying to get Latinos in college


JaNet G. said...
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JaNet G. said...

Whither the Dream was a good article.
Its true, some students do fear deportation for their families and self, thats why they exclude college from their mind.
they dont want to get into trouble so they dont even bother to speak up, and some of those are very smart students.

LoReNa said...

Whoa... I so agree. With Janet, not only because she's my friend, but because I have been in this situation. I'm a natural born citizen, but my eldest sister isn't. I didn't know this until tenth grade, I wasn't allowed to talk about it. My parents didn't even want me to know because they feared I'd open my mouth! :(