Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 12

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 12

Slideshow: College Dropout Boom

While it's playing: Find three interesting facts from the chapter. These can be statistics or they can be something from Blevins' life.

Bonus Points?

Homework: Read- No Degree No Way Back in CM

Get into groups according to topics

  • Washington Learns
  • Community Colleges/YVCC
  • The DREAM Act
  • Ready by Five, ESD 105 and Gates
  • Vocational Education/YVTech

Which of the "Right Stuff" is addressed by your topic?

Learn to Learn



Right Brain

Liberal Arts

Right Country

Intros and Conclusions

U-Make Quiz


Fill in blanks

and Matching in Groups of three

Test your questions on the group.

Revise questions with input from others in the group to make them stronger.

Revise to eliminate repeats.

Provide a key on a separate sheet of paper for the 23 questions.

1 comment:

LoReNa said...

Getting into groups based on our topics was very helpful for me. At first I chose my topic merely because of interest. But I didn't know at all what I would argue about, or where my information would come form. These groups help me figure it out. thanks.