Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Triple Convergence and The Great Sorting Out

The Triple Convergence

First around 2000, all ten flatteners started working together

Second, people started getting it.

Third: China, India, USSR all joined in

Convergence I: Simultaneous improvement of complimentary goods, reinforced each other

II: People needed time to get comfortable w/ the "horizontal" playing field.

  • Like distance ed?
  • The previous model was vertical silos.
  • went from top down to side to side


III: Add 3 Billion People

  • Prev. it had been NA, West Europe, Japan and East Asia with similar education, wages, workforce size "Gentlemanly competition"
  • Some countries simply skipping a step—like cell phones in China
  • Zippes in India: Generation Z.
  • You can innovate without having to emigrate


The other triple convergence:

  • com bust (actually helped the world, but scared us)
  • 9/11
  • Enron
  • Other things?
    • X-box; 100 channels of tv; reality tv;
  • Politicians in 2004 were not educating us, they were making us stupid
  • Now the real IT revolution is about to begin


The Great Sorting Out

  • from command and control to connect and collaborate
  • Dissolving of feudal, national and religious id, giving universal citizenships


    • BIG PAGES Mixed blessing: Bumping up against the world of friction


    • What extent should we lean against the current for the sake of values the global market can't supply? (Religious faith; national pride; social cohesion—copyrights? Worker protections; min. wage—see today's paper)
      • (Global min wage?)

Sorting Out:

  • India v. Indiana: wow. Whose values to protect?
  • Where do companies start and stop?
    • Whose values will govern a particular company and whose interest will that company respect and promote? GM goes, so goes America. But not today.
    • Google and China; Yahoo and China; Fruit packers and Japan; EU and the height of chairs in Selah;
    • IBM and Lenovo: Would you call this an American company? A Chinese company?
    • Rolls Royce and Germany and Russia


  • Command and Control to Collaborate and Connect:
    • Colin Powell and Google and blackberries
    • Wal-Mart and our conflicting identities. Walk through this one up to page
    • When you flatten the world, you take humanity out of life


  • Who Owns what? Intellectual Property:
    • Napster; video;
    • Google Books in France
    • The Blog? The film? Chapbooks?
    • What about Amy's work?
    • AOL Passwords, in your will?


Death of a Salesman

  • Tommy all anyone cares about today is price.
  • But fat is what gives meat it's taste


What about politics?

Wall party (labor and far right social crowd) v. Web Party (conservatives in Business and social liberals who want a connected world)

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