Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google Takes a Stand

A NYTimes editorial


Seth Martin said...

Go Google! Though China has many good things going for it; their incessant need to try and censor everything is bad. The future of society will think back on times when people had no right to speak against the government without prosecution and look at it like an alien world. China is going to have to step into the future at one point or another or face a full revolution at some point.

howsweetsheis said...

I agree with Seth, the Chinese government may be winning for now but eventually the people of China will no longer be able to tolerate the actions of their government and they will revolt. I think that it is great that Google is standing up for something good. The people of China deserve to know what is going on in their own country and they deserve to have the right to free speech! With technology today and the intelligent minds of their youth, the people of China will always be able to find a way around government censorship.