Monday, January 11, 2010

Essay Topic 1

Essay 1: English 102, Spring Quarter

The Valley and the World: Education

Here are the topics you can choose from:

  • Washington Learns
  • Community Colleges/YVCC
  • The DREAM Act
  • Ready by Five, ESD 105 and Gates
  • Vocational Education/YVTech


Your essay should answer the question:

What effect will ________________have on the Yakima Valley in the new Flat World?

Find what Friedman says about your topic.

Start with the Index, use Amazon search.

Use Friedman to organize your essay.


The essay should present the viewpoints of the various sides of the issue.

The essay should attempt to represent these sides fairly.

4-6 pages.

Due Dates:

  • List of quotes related to your topic from Friedman: January 19
  • Outline January 25th
  • Rough Draft January 26th
  • Draft 2 January 29th

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Consuelo Hinojosa said...

My essay is on the Ready by Five, It took me forever to finish it. Ruined my weekend :(