Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Day 3

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 3

  1. From yesterday—Bankruptcy and what one woman did about it.
  2. Advice part two.
  3. Quiz Monday on names and faces.
  4. Homework: Read "15 Years on the Bottom Rung" (CM 111-133) and "America Without a Middle Class" (E. Warren)
  5. Shadowy Lines in groups
    1. Discuss your answers with your group.
    2. Group fills in as you talk.


  6. Discuss as a class today and tomorrow.


  7. Friday, meet in C206 for In Class Essay over Shadowy Lines and 15 years.


  8. Reading for Friday and Saturday: While I Was Sleeping (TWIF 3-50)


Reading for Sunday—One of the ten flatteners to be assigned Friday.


Aubri_Gonzalez said...

Today in class we watched a clip of an older woman who decided to go back to school and better her education and life. I think this is only one of millions of people's story. this is happening to millions of people in the united states. It is great to hear that people are going back to school to better their education but its sad to hear why they decided to go back whether its because of loosing their jobs or cant finding any jobs.

Consuelo Hinojosa said...

I agree with Aubri, I think it's great that people go back to school after loosing their jobs. I have people in my classes that are experiencing this situation.