Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 17

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 17


  1. Hand in peer review from previous class.
  2. Hand out peer reviews from other class. Check for crazy.
  3. Complete Peer Review
  4. Peer Review Review
  5. Thesis statements, part two, if there's time.
  6. Thursday—Thesis statements, Editing, Counter Arguments, grading for essay
  7. Friday—Grade/Peer Edit sample essays


nikki said...

I really liked the fact that you also gave a copy of our essays to another class because that kind-of gives the freedom of an unbiased opinion. I also think that people are probably more honest when they don't know who you are (and you don't know who they are). I think that some people might hold back from telling their classmate the truth so that it doesn't cause any discomfort or hard feelings...

LoReNa said...

Peer editing was awesome. I enjoyed reading other people's papers and giving my honest feedback as well as getting help with mine. It helped out, luckily my group took the opinions constructively to fix their papers instead of getting offended.