Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 15

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 15

  1. Second revision to due dates. This time, it's not evil:
    1. Final Draft of this essay due February 1st.
  2. Today, tomorrow and part of Wednesday—Peer Editing
  3. Wednesday—Thesis statements, part two
  4. Thursday—Counter Arguments, grading for essay
  5. Friday—Grade/Peer Edit sample essays
  6. Peer Editing Process
    1. Students learn from each other.
    2. Students learn by teaching.
    3. Kind honesty.
      1. You have my permission to tear my paper to shreds
    4. Thick skin.
  7. Number the paragraphs on your essays.
  8. Write two questions you'd like answered by your peers.
    1. Choose who goes first
    2. Hand out essays
      1. Apologize as needed
    3. Read silently and comment as you go
    4. Complete peer editing forms
    5. Have a CONVERSATION (that's why there's four of you)
    6. Finally, writer asks questions not answered.
    7. Repeat

Homework—complete peer editing worksheet for essay from another class. Must be returned tomorrow. (10 pts)

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Consuelo Hinojosa said...

The essay that I had to peer review was very good for a rough draft and very interesting topic that made me want to read the whole thing. The dream Act topic is very interesting.