Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Washington Learns

Here's the final report (pg 51 for CA)

Here's a PPT of the stats

Here's the search page from Seattle Papers

Here's an Editorial from Seattle PI

Weakest Link in WA Learns

Beyond Washington Learns

Seattle Times on WA Learns

One more on College Education and the scholarship offer

Washington Learns and funding

Teachers and Washington Learns

More on Financing

WA Learns and Math and Science


Juan CF said...

Washington learns a great and interesting thing to learn about i hope we here more about this in class.

Alyssa D said...

ummmm Mr. Peters this is all wonderful and good and i totally support it, but i don't understand how they're planning to pay for it...i mean, yes we need all of this, but our state is frittering(yes i say our state gov. has been fritterin')away money on so much else who's going to pay for all these reforms? I'm a bit lost...

Anonymous said...

i would also like to discuss this in class more. i find it really interesting and very effective (if pulled off right). i obviously get how it fits in with globalization and friedman's perspective of the flat world but i think it would hugely benefit anyone who is writing this paper to discuss it in class and where it does and doesn't fit in. like we did with eLearning.