Friday, February 06, 2009

CNN Sued for 1.3 Billion

Over this video
Chinese "goons and thugs" make "junk" with "poison"


jonathanweedin said...

"This clip is currently unavailable."
I don't know what CNN actually said, but China can't sue them for that. It just seems like China is trying to extend its tyrannical dictatorship into America. China won't allow its own citizens to say things like CNN did, and they just can't accept that other nations have freedom of speech.

scott said...

booo china leave cnn alone you have enough money, and whatever cnn said about you was probably true.

Nicole C said...

i couldn't see the video for some reason it wouldnt play, but i agree, china has anough money, they dont need anything else but some purity in their air, no matter what people say about them here, they can still take over any job of ours that they want. So they need to get over it

Juan CF said...

I can believe that now days people would sue just for about anything i can't blame them because when you need money you do what you got to do even if it's getting your hands dirty.