Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Day 22

English 102 Day 22

  1. Quizzes
    1. Point Disputes?
  2. Quiet Crisis Bottom Line
  3. This is Not a Test: my notes
  4. How Companies Cope
    1. Somebody made me a powerpoint!
    2. I swear to god, everything is online if you know how to look for it.
    3. Think: Key Words and Synonyms.
  5. In big groups for essay topics
    1. I will help—for example, Washington Learns and Dream Act.
    2. You will help me, too.
  6. For tomorrow:
    1. Unflat:
      1. Too Sick
      2. Too Disempowered
      3. Too Frustrated
      4. Too Many Toyotas


Lindsy M. said...

I was really glad that we went over the quizzes today in class. I think that it helped a good percentage of the class to get a better score, not because hey needed the points, but because the questions were really hard.

Barry W. said...

hey linds... its barry you know me.. we talk sometime... anywho.. i like quizes.. there fun..

scott said...

Mr. P's quizzes usually are pretty easy and fun so long as you have done the assigned reading.

Juan CF said...

I wonder how I'm going to do in my quiz today. My goals is to get at least an A or and A-. Will see what happens.