Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 28

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 28

  1. Bonus Points?
  2. News: Farm labor coming back; Financial aid for undocumented students
  3. The writing process
  4. Finish work on Thesis statements
    1. CLICKERS!
      1. SHAME!
      2. GLORY!
  5. Outline sample essay
    1. Ready by Five
    2. Washington Learns
  6. Due Dates, part two
  7. Rough Drafts Due Friday: Bring four copies.
  8. Final Drafts Due: Thursday February 19th.


scott said...

Im going to the vagina monologues today. is any body else going? I hope its as good as the student reviews.

Lindsy said...

I really like using the clickers. I think its a great way to voice your opinion on something without the rest of the class knowing the way you feel.

Dianna said...

I was going to go to the VM but I had to work I have been to them before though at YVCC and also at the Central campus. It teaches you that you have a power and a soul inside yourself that no one can take away from you, no matter what.

Dianna said...

I really wish that I could have gone this year to them, not just for the extra credit but for the fact of renewing my girl pride for the greater good of our country. Their speeches and plays are so powerful in their delivery.

Dianna said...

I am not sure what to think that giving free financial aid to undocumented workers. It just doesn't seem right on both sides of the argument. They are not paying taxes I believe and most of the kids weren't even old enough to know that they were doing something illegal.

Dianna said...

I have used the clickers in my Chemistry 100 class and I loved the interaction we had as a class, learning people opinions about subjects and with people knowing what you voted. Secrets, what America does best!

Juan CF said...

I've finnally finished my paper and im possitve that it's complite . all i need to do is turn it in now, i wonder what im going to get in it.

Dianna said...

Juan I hope you used that spell check on your paper lol