Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 25

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 25 (Half way through quarter)

  1. Bonus Points—V-Day and Feb 12th for Yakama Artistic Expressions at Larson Gallery, 7pm
  2. Due by the end of the day: A thesis statement
    1. What is the effect of X on the Yakima Valley in the New Flat World?
    2. What is the main point of the paper?
    3. What is similar and what is different about the proposal and TWIF?
    4. Some say X, others say Y, I say Z.
  3. Sample Thesis statements
  4. Sample Essays
  5. Time to research, ask questions, write.
  6. Rough Drafts Due Thursday
    1. This is about pushing you to get SOMETHING done.
    2. Some place to start


scott said...

is anybody going to attend the vagina monologues and help bring awarness to the V day festivities

Joel said...

This is the second Day 25. I guess there are 25 days left now.

Rochelle said...

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am glad we are writing in class today. Getting started seems to be the hardest part for me.

Abby said...

I'm in the Vagina Monologues! Hooray! Vagina Vagina Vagina. Actually, as I was telling Rachel the other day, the V in V-Day actually stands for Violence and Victory as well as Vagina. I wish I could go to some of the other events, but I have play practice and class. You should all go, though, because last year it was pretty sweet. Especially the self-defense and the YogaChi. Serious. Lots of yelling and kicking and then lots of slow awesome energy movement. You should go. You. Go.

Taylor M said...

That's great information Abby. You are a very informative person. And passionate about V words.

Amy said...

I liked Mr. Peters little saying of "throw up and then clean up" I was in his creative writing class so i have heard this before, but it is so true. Our rough drafts, or atleast mine, are normally just a throw up of information and then you go in and clean it up after it is all down on the paper. Just think it is funny the way he puts it.

publius said...

Thanks for giving us time to write in class today Mr. Peters. When you are stuck staring at the computer monitor for 50 minutes, you can’t do much other than put words on it. I think I’ll spend this evening throwing up on the monitor again.

Juan CF said...

I can't belive that it's the 25 day i wonder what is going to happen today. i hope it's some thind interesting.