Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 36

Lesson Plan Day 36 English 102

  1. In four groups
    1. I'd like us to have some notes we can keep up and refer to as we build the ideas from book to book.
    2. We'll start with Class Matters, then deal with Nickel and Dimed, then David Brooks, then The World is Flat.
    3. By the time we're done, we'll have lots of options for HOW to duplicate her success.
    4. The next step is for you to pick and choose which options you think will be the most successful.


  2. Shadowy Lines That Still Divide
    1. On the surface
    2. in reality
    3. unlike to change because
    4. likely to change because
  3. Duplicating Angela Whitiker's Success
    1. Human Capital
      1. Define and give example
        1. What's the strength of this approach?
        2. What's the weakness of this approach?
    2. Social Capital
      1. Define and give example
        1. What's the strength of this approach?
        2. Weakness of this approach?
  4. Nickel and Dimed Evaluation Chapter
    1. Friction (205)
      1. Define and give examples
    2. Also 213-214
      1. What are her solutions?
    3. How would this help Angela/Juan Peralta/others?
  5. David Brooks
    1. First Article
      1. Breaking down the capital further
    2. Second Article
      1. What works, according to Brooks?
  6. Essays back, with some notes if time. If not, please bring them back tomorrow for discussion/questions.


scott said...

our group was the best. we got our work done quicklyand efficently. Divide and conquer as our team leader elise would say

jonathanweedin said...

I wonder where Mr Peters got those giant sticky notes. I kinda want some, not that I would ever actually use them.

Luke said...

Yeah those giant sticky notes were something.

TeslaRR said...

I'm pretty sure you can get some of the giant sticky notes at office max or probably any office supply store :)

kristine.a.lefors said...

there is some very helpful information on those "giant sticky notes" to get you started on the essays.

Luke said...

I don't think anyone was knocking the giant sticky notes. They're just not something you see everyday..

publius said...

I love David Brooks. Getting at the heart of the issue, the cause of the cause, takes a sharp mind and Brooks has it. Anyone else enjoy those articles as much as I did?

dianna.l.beaulaurier said...

I think that I loved the sticky notes more jk no his articles were interesting my favorite was the Marshmallows and Public Policy. After I leave this class everyday and learn the things that have happened in my life and how I can relate to some things, it making me change how I am acting and most importantly how I think. I always like to type, so thats not new lol but for instance that I wasnt born into a HIGH class and that I realize I have hurdles some children have jumped. It makes me want to learn even more to catch up and pass them on Go!

*Oh and I would use the giant sticky notes, cause then I would buy more and keep the sticky note place in business!!! You could use them as window blinds or blankets...just sayin' they would be a great investment for the poorer social classes, a way for them to save (or spend) more money.

dianna.l.beaulaurier said...

Bloggin is addicting!!! Its better to be addicted to blogging then what Angela was addicted to I guess. How do you cure bloggin? Can I take a pill and have everything fixed as society believes that there is a cure for everything? People watch commericals and see a new pill and what it cures, go to the doctor and demand that he prescribes it to them. Can researchers hurry with their research and tell us the answers for fixing America? Are we unfixable and as cracked as the Grand Canon? Millions of years missing in the rocks that are not accounted for, then just all of a sudden began appearing again. Anyone watch that special? That cant figure out why or how millions or billions of years are missing on the canons walls. Duh, water stopped flowing, probably cause of the plates moving or something then started flowing and stopped because of mother nature. Maybe this is our pill, mother nature, when she feels that we have tried everything to survive live as one with the Earth and finally gets fed up with men, she is going to wash us away and have a new society start again, but keeping the sports stadium...

I tell ya people are only as crazy as the information they learn and the way they use it...

dianna.l.beaulaurier said...

We as people have ruined our planet with our SUVs and down to our TVs. We have created a pocket full of suprises and change. We have finally realized that we need to trade our change with living on the Earth. Its too late our change is no good. We cant fix problems that money cant buy. We cant buy a new planet, its more expensive than our debt.

Jaime said...

I thought the activity we did in class was very helpful. It organized great information that we can all use for our essays. I have some great ideas after doing this activity.

kayla said...

Yes Scott our group is as amazing as usual... and the sticking notes were pretty entertaining.. but for some reason I think the whole discussion confused me more than anything. I don't know what to write about.

tonya said...

those stickey notes were amazing. they goups i think helped sort things out for our next essay.

Kirsten said...

Those giant sticky notes pretty much wrote my essay for me. They were filled with good idea's, all i had to do was copy them down, add my opinion, and I had a pretty good start on an essay!

Barry W. said...

i like jonathans comments. they are never on topic and i like that.. alot. he is my hero

Barry W. said...

i also feel that working in groups is an important part of growing up, it has little effect on english but i still enjoy it.