Monday, February 02, 2009

Day 20

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 20

  1. Bonus Points for Blog (February points start now)
  2. Quiz The Untouchables and The Right Stuff
  3. Correct quiz
  4. Who are the Untouchables?
  5. What is the Right Stuff?
    1. This is key to your essays on business/education
  6. Essays returned to 1030 and 1130 classes.
    1. Essays returned to 930 class by Wednesday.
  7. Please bring essays back tomorrow so I can explain how to read my comments.
    1. 24 hour rule
  8. Homework: Tuesday: This is Not a Test
    1. Wednesday: How Companies Cope
    2. Thursday: The Unflat World
    3. Friday: 11/9 v 9/11

Links from weekend below.


publius said...

How many of you got fooled by the Microsoft question on the last part of the test? I can’t believe you guys got me on that one!!! Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice--- double shame on you for taking advantage of the slow. :)

Amy said...

Yeah that microsoft question on the last part did fool me too, actually that whole last part got me i think i only got two of them right, which is no good. I guess that i need to learn to read better.

jonathanweedin said...

Thanks to the "24 hour rule," I still have over 12 more hours to be mad for no real reason. If I eat a gallon of ice cream to drown my sorrows, do the calories still count?

Anonymous said...

That last question was to weird for me. I was fine with most of the other ones but that last one just didn't seem right.

scott said...

that whole setup was bogous I didnt like that part of the quiz at all.

Brandon Root said...

Ok so i totally learned that hard way that reading your intro and conclusion is really important. It's a ten point swing!!

Barry W. said...

this is class really intresting... i think that everyone can contribute.. john young and brandon root.. good job writing..

Jaime said...

The monthly bonus points for posting comments on this blog is really great. Thanks Peters! For all of us who did poorly on the matching section at the end of the quiz on The Right Stuff can use these points to their advantage.

Lindsy M. said...

I was very glad that Jim was in my group and I didn't have to take that part. There is no way I would have got half of those questions right... At least for that section.

Abby said...

I continue to maintain that that portion of the test was unfair. Steve Jobs is not an Apple Computer. He is a person, and only one answer referred to a person- and it was the wrong answer. The wording was unfair. It was a deliberate trick and I feel manipulated. I still maintain that I will be angry about that particular question in that quiz for years to come. Serious.

Kirsten said...

I cannot relate. Jim was in my group and I was therefore exempt from that part of the quiz =] Thank god that he was. There was NO way i wouldve got the questions right.

Juan CF said...

The microsoft question were a pain in the butt, however i found some of them really interesting and i hope to see more.